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Golden Retrievers are famously friendly and even-tempered. Poodles are well known as a highly intelligent, energetic, and loyal breed of dog. Combining these qualities gives us the perfect puppy.
Ready For A Puppy? Goldendoodles do have a cheerful and child-like personality. These qualities make them a great fit for families with young kids. Parents who have been worn out by their toddlers’ bottomless energy can ‘tap out’ and let the family dog take a turn entertaining the little ones. View Litters Contact

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We are small, in home breeders, we do not keep our dogs in kennels or cages, they are a huge part of our family. Our dogs either live with us in our home or live with their guardians in their own permanent loving home from 8-10 weeks of age on. Mama dogs come home to us to whelp and raise their puppies.

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Dan and Michelle Videtich are the breeders behind West Michigan Doodles and Poodles.  We were both raised with dogs and sincerely believe they belong in our home, as a member of our family. Prior to blending our families, we both had experience breeding and thoroughly loved working to better any breed we were working with. We love so many things about both Poodles and Golden Retrievers, together these 2 breeds make an exceptional family pet.

We are committed to producing healthy, happy puppies. We work with the amazing community of Badass Breeders and follow their protocol for our parent dogs and puppies, this includes, but not limited to: loving hands, ENS/ESI, gradual desensitization, daily curriculum, socialization. We are dedicated to providing happy, healthy and well socialized pups for others to welcome into their family. We love our dogs and puppies and know you will too!

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By creating an environment of health and harmony for young puppies, we believe we are able to give each little pup the very best chance to reach its potential, express its best character, and bring forth its greatest gifts in the relationship with itself and to its family.

AKC Registered

All of our poodles are AKC Registered and our goldendoodles are in the process of being registered with the goldendoodle Association of North America.

Exercise & Training

For a healthy puppy, it’s important to provide physical exercise and mental stimulation. Think of a toddler who delights in running up and down the hall yet is equally engaged playing with blocks or a puzzle. It’s also essential to train and exercise your puppy.

Part of the Family

Goldendoodles are indoor pets. All of our dogs are part of our family and live in our home rather than kennels. Learn more about our Guardian Homes.

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Genetic testing reduces the chance of passing down a wide variety of hereditary diseases of differing prevalence and severity such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye disease) and Von Willebrand’s Disease (a blood disease).

Health Certificate & Guarantee

All puppies come with a Certificate of Health & 24 Month Health Guarantee.

Grooming a Doodle

The Goldendoodle is considered to be a non-to-light shedder, but he requires regular grooming and clipping. If the coat is kept short, it should be clipped every four to six weeks and brushed daily.

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Here are some great things you can have prepared for your new puppy.

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With 9 parents we have a few litters a year. Depending on availability you can pick from our available puppies or get on the list for the upcoming litter. The price of our current litter is $1800 a deposit of $50 is required to hold your spot.

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